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Introduction - Make Money Reviews

The Team Spent Months Researching Almost Every Program Out There and Here Are The TOP 3 PICKS . . .

From: Alex, Phil and Margaret
The Review Team

It’s true! There are legitimate ways for you to earn easy money online. However, there are so many make money opportunities out there it’s hard to know which ones are real and which ones are outright scams.

Our team of researchers have reviewed over 125 make money opportunities and you will be shocked at what we found:

  • Only 11% of the sites actually contain the information they advertise to you.
  • Only 8% of the programs offered real opportunities to achieve a full-time income right away.
  • More than half the sites require you to pay more money to get their so-called "top secret information" that promises to make you rich overnight. We went ahead and took them up only to find their information is the free information offered in other programs!
  • Over 90% of them never replied to emails and they completely ignored our requests for refunds. Just imagine the number of people being scammed who cannot get their money back!

Overall we rated 95% of the make money sites that we reviewed as total scams and we reported them to the Better Business Bureau to hopefully prevent them from scamming more people in future.

The 5% of make money sites that we were left with really lived up to their word and it’s possible to start earning money with some of them from the very first day.

The top make money site contained a simple step-by-system for making money online within 15 minutes of reading the instructions. At first we were sceptical. However, after following the instructions we were making money within an hour.
The other top make money sites contain more time consuming ways to make money online, but after putting them to the test we realised that they offer you more long term opportunities for making money online.

We also contacted the website owners and support staff to determine their quality of service as well as their money back guarantee. We have verified that these companies are legitimate. They honour their guarantee and refunds promptly if requested.

Just so you can understand the potential of these sites, in one weeks worth of testing we earned a combined earnings of...

$1,567.87 as well as receiving a FREE Website worth $197!

Some of these sites require a small one time fee as opposed to a recurring fee charged by some of the scam sites we reviewed. We found the sites that charged a recurring fee never updated their member’s areas with new opportunities. All they were trying to do was scam us out of more money. Needless to say we cancelled the direct debits with our bank.

The legitimate make money sites listed below actually have dedicated staff who continuously search for new opportunities and regularly update their members area and you will NEVER have to pay any additional fees.

Below is the list of the Best Make Money Opportunities from the 125+ that we reviewed, please take your time to read through each review and find out how much money you can make from them!

5 Star RatingOnline Income Solution

Online Income SolutionThis is one of the most recent programs we reviewed and it knocks the competition right out of the water!

Out of the 125+ programs we reviewed and tested, "Online Income Solution" was the best performing program. The author Ryan Parker provides you with FREE top-notch information that cuts right through the fluff to deliver a straight forward system for making money on the internet using Google and an Automated Website System.

What we like most about their program is that it allowed us to set-up an online business without any prior knowledge or skill.

It doesn't require any technical computer knowledge. All you have to do is follow Ryan's PROVEN simple step-by-step automated system.

So what happened?

Within 30 minutes of visiting the site and reading through the step-by-step blueprint we figured out exactly how their system worked and set about putting it to a 5 day test.

Even though our results were not as good as what was claimed on the website (in fact, they were less than half as good), over a 5 day period, we still managed to pull in some pretty decent income as you can see below. Look at the 3rd and 4th day.

Day 1: $27.00 Profit
Day 2: $65.00 Profit
Day 3: $236.00 Profit
Day 4: $352.00
Day 5: $55.00 Profit

Total 5 Day Profit = $735.00

Overall, their system is easily the best make money system we reviewed due to its high earning potential, ease of use and the fact it shows you how to use online giants such as Google to start making money.

This is a GUARANTEED method for generating income online.

Get Access Now For A One Time Fee Of Just $9.97!

Click Here To Visit The #1 Choice "Online Income Solution"


4 Star RatingHome Cash Access

Home Cash AccessOut of the 125+ programs we reviewed and tested, "Home Cash Access" was the 2nd best performing program.

The author Jennifer Smith says if you can spare 60 minutes a day, she can offer a certified, proven and guaranteed home job where you can earn $379 per day..

After going through the program the first time, we realised the author of the program has very extensive knowledge on how to generate an income with home jobs. 

Her system is very streamlined as compared to the other programs we tested. The program doesn't waste time talking about unnecessary technical stuff but goes straight into the ad system and guides you step-by-step on exactly how to set it all up.

Besides the advertising money making system that is the mainstay of the program where you get paid to post links online, "Home Cash Access" also comes with a large number of bonus packages that are easily complete programs by themselves. Some of these packages are sold individually elsewhere on the internet for a lot more than Janet charges for access to her entire program.

Recently, she just added a few new bonus features that really helped beginners like us. The first is a ‘Limited Time Offer’. Jennifer shows you how to get a fully functioning professionally built website for FREE that is 100% automated and ready to start making money online immediately. Her bonus alone is worth $197 but right now it's completely free to all new members. Our guess is that they won't be free for too long and it will probably be taken down very soon.

The program was originally priced at well over $100 plus $97 per month but sometimes they have occasional special offers. We bought our package at $49.95 and thought it was a complete steal.

(Update: Jennifer and her team are doing a special promotion right now and are offering the program for $29.95!) The program also comes with a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee so we had nothing much to fear for trying it out.

This is the program that made Margaret $483.25 in the first week and is the No.2 choice from the 125+ make money sites we reviewed.

Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Click Here To Visit "Home Cash Access"


3 Star RatingPaid Surveys Revenue

Paid Surveys Revenue System Paid Surveys Revenue System is a survey website that offers users to give their views and opinions on products, services as well as on many other aspects of life.

You may not know but there's lots of companies that will provide you with large financial rewards if you complete paid surveys.

Their program gives you step by step advice on on how some of its members are earning thousands of dollars a year undertaking paid surveys through their vast and extensive database.

The Paid Surveys Revenue System database means that you don’t have to spend loads of time and effort scanning the internet for paid surveys. Companies that are listed in the program include Pepsi, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Dell and McDonalds.

All of the surveys are placed in your member account and you just choose the top paid surveys that target your region. Out of all the make money and work from home programs online, paid surveys are by far the easiest to do.

Now when looking at potential earnings there are a number of factors to look at. Short surveys pay out at around $5-$15 each whereas with the long surveys you could be looking around $20-$40 for each survey.

  • Easy to understand, methodological program

  • No recurring fees just the initial charge of $34

  • 24/ Live Customer Support & 60 Day money back guarantee.

  • Vast & Extensive Survey Database

  • Paid Weekly

Paid Surveys Revenue System is the top paid survey program on the internet and has the most extensive database by far. With the program updating the list of available surveys weekly, there is no chance whatsoever of running out of surveys to fill out. With both this and everything in mind, it makes the initial one time cost of just $34 not a problem whatsoever as it can be recouped in no time at all.

Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Well, there you have it the top make money online programs for 2011. We plan to do another full-scale evaluation in 120 days.

If you want to make some extremely quick cash then Online Income Solution is certainly the one to go for.
However, if you want to build an online business with Multiple Streams of Income I would suggest buying membership to more than one of the programs listed above.

Imagine if you were to make just $1,500 per month per program. It doesn’t sound a like much but when you add it together it really is. $1,500 x 3 x 12 = $54,000 a year!

Yes, that’s right $54,000 per year and it is likely that you will earn a lot more than that because the incomes should build up over time.

So that’s it! We hope the information we provide helps you achieve your financial dreams, keeps your money from being stolen by make money scams, and enables you to live the life you truly desire!

Best Wishes,
Alex, Phil and Margaret
The Team

P.S. Since we announced our endorsed make money online programs, many people have been sending us success stories almost daily. I want you to know I’ve been personally enjoying reading them all and I’m responding back to as many as I could. This is what inspires me most to continue our work for you, and I’m now asking for all success stories to be sent to me directly, at I can’t wait to read yours!